Dietary supplements for healthy and beautiful hair

Problems with impaired hair condition affect more and more people around the world. There are many reasons for this, ranging from an inadequate diet, symptoms of disease, to irregular care and external factors. Mostly we struggle with hair falling out, balding, drying, breaking and losing the glow. How to combat these difficulties quickly and effectively? Unfortunately, not much can be done to combat those symptoms from the outside. So let’s opt for the use of dietary supplements.

Vitamins and minerals

As we know, vitamins and minerals are necessary ingredients for the entire human body to function properly. They not only account for our overall health and well-being, but also contribute to maintaining the proper condition of the hair. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals results in the loss of hair shine, drying, excessive loss, breakage and interrupt growth and regeneration of the hair follicles. It is worth mentioning that vitamins are also responsible for improving the condition of the scalp, which is known to have a significant impact in the process of hair structure renewal.

In the interest of a beautiful appearance, the most important substance is retinol, commonly referred to as vitamin A. It is this ingredient that is recommended the most by specialists, especially when dealing with oily scalp and excessive dandruff (because it is responsible for the regulation of sebum secretion). It also moisturizes and improves skin firmness. It is extremely important to use vitamins B as well, which strengthen the overall condition of the hair, and also participate in the growth process.

An inadequate amount of biotin (also called vitamin H) in the body can result in significant hair loss. This substance is often added as the main ingredient in cosmetics supposed to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. Studies have shown that men who complain of constantly progressing baldness usually struggle with deficiency of this vitamin.

To ensure proper hair growth, it is necessary to maintain good condition of the scalp. It is recommended to supplement vitamins C and E, which affect the better oxygenation and nutrition of the skin, and thus accelerate hair growth. These vitamins are also responsible for luster and elasticity.

Herbal supplements

When taking care of hair, you cannot forget to use natural herbs, full of vitamins and minerals. One of the most popular herbs is horsetail, a rich source of potassium and silicon. It is worth noting that with the passage of time our body possesses less and less of these elements. For this reason, we should provide it with the right amounts of each, not only for health reasons, but also to suppress the hair loss process. Silicon also has antibacterial and regenerating properties, and (which is extremely important) it delays the graying process.

Undoubtedly, we have heard many times about the amazing effects of nettle. It was this herb that was used by our great-grandmother as a must-have during hair-bathing. A lotion in the form of a nettle infusion will significantly strengthen their structure, making them less susceptible to harmful effects of external environment. In addition, it is worth taking nettle in the form of pills, which will help eliminate the problem of thin, oily hair and excessive hair loss.