Supplements that improve the appearance of the skin

There is no doubt that almost every woman dreams of a beautiful appearance. For this purpose, we use a myriad of cosmetics intended for skin care. However, drugstore products are only half of the success on the way to improving beauty. Dietary supplements, based on natural ingredients, play an important role. Those ingredients positively affect not only the condition of our skin, but also the functionality of the whole body. What products do we put on the pedestal when fighting for a beautiful look?

The effect of diet on the appearance

Considering the factors that can significantly damage our skin, it is worth starting with the most basic aspects, namely – a proper diet. The constant rush, too little free time, life in the eternal pursuit of achieving goals often make us forget about proper nutrition. We do not have time to prepare food so we eat frozen meals or unhealthy snacks. A balanced diet not only affects our internal organs, but also largely contributes to the proper structure of our skin. As you know, to maintain proper condition of skin, it is necessary to consume a specific amount of vitamins and minerals. How to deal with this challenge when we simply do not have enough time to eat regular and nutritious meals? Natural nutritional supplements are one way to do it.


When the skin calls for help

If the appearance of the skin, despite the daily external care does not give satisfactory results and you notice it is dry, flaking, has pale color or pimples – it is a sign that you should take care of its health from the inside!

The most important factor differencing cosmetic care from dietary supplements is the fact that the latter work from the inside. This means that they penetrate the deep layers of the skin much faster, thanks to which it is properly nourished and protected from harmful factors. Cosmetic products only work on the surface of the skin.

As mentioned above, when taking care of the epidermis, it is necessary to have a varied diet full of specific nutrients. If we are not able to supply them with food, we should use diet supplements, which have been used for years to supplement nutrition.

To improve the appearance and healthy structure of the skin use vitamin A (otherwise known as retinol). It is responsible for accelerating the tissue renewal process. It also protects the skin against harmful environmental factors. It is also very important to use vitamin E, which is one of the most effective substances with antiradical and antioxidant properties. It is not without reason that people call it “the vitamin of youth”. It affects the long-term maintenance of a radiant and healthy appearance of the skin. It works by impairing free radicals and toxins, which affect aging processes and thus lead to drying and wrinkling of the skin.


Supplements for dry skin

As you know, dry skin needs proper care. People who struggle with overly drying skin often turn to hyaluronic acid, used as the main ingredient in many cosmetics. It is worth mentioning, however, that dermatologists also recommend that you use this acid in the form of pills. Hyaluronic acid helps retain water in the body, especially in the skin, and thus – significantly improves its hydration, accelerates the process of biological regeneration and is a protective barrier against UV radiation (disrupting the condition of the epidermis) and free radicals.

In order to maintain the necessary hydration of the stratum corneum, keep it firm and repair damage, it is necessary to use polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA.


Acne – what to use?

People mistakenly assume that acne affects only persons who undergo puberty. On the contrary – women over the age of 20 or 30 are often afflicted. Acne skin care is a seemingly hard process, but if you adhere to specific rules, you can properly take care of it and forget about uncomfortable ailments forever.

Dietary supplements based on zinc or silicon play an important role. The deficiency of these two components in the body causes severe skin inflammation, seborrhea or just emergence of acne. Silicon also has an effect on skin firmness, its strength, getting rid of toxins from cells and most importantly, it delays the aging process.

Deficiency of vitamins of the B variety (with emphasis on vitamin B1 and B2) can lead to skin blemishes, inflammation and improper skin condition. Their functions rely primarily on the normalization of sebaceous glands and participation in skin renewal processes.

Products based on yeast have been known as a reliable way to fight acne for hundreds of years. They exhibit anti-inflammatory effects and accelerate metabolic processes.

Mature skin versus dietary supplements

No one is surprised at the fact that mature skin care is a much more complex process than taking care of its condition at a young age. The skin of a person over 40 is much more susceptible to damage, wrinkles, spider veins, drying, loss of firmness or density. Collagen, which is known to be one of the most important ingredients found in our skin, is responsible for proper maintenance of its condition. The use of collagen will help in maintaining elasticity, regeneration of damaged skin and will contribute to delaying the aging process. As research shows – this substance may even dampen the wrinkles that have been created.