Supplements for strong nails

“Well-groomed hands are the showcase of a woman” – each of us certainly knows this saying. Moisturized hands and beautiful nails testify to proper care of our whole body, which is why most of the representatives of the fair sex emphasize taking care of these parts. However, it does not always bring the expected results. The plaque is weak, brittle, and produces unsightly white patches, which also cause problems with nails. Factors that affect this state of affairs are not only irregular care, but also an inadequate diet. How to improve the condition of the nails to make them look great?

Vitamins and minerals for nails

There is no doubt that a proper diet has the greatest impact on the maintenance of healthy and beautiful nails, primarily diet rich in vitamins and minerals. However, we do not always have the opportunity to diversify our menu and prepare proper meals. In order to prevent mineral shortages, it is recommended to use dietary supplements, which supplement our nutrition and provide our body with the right amount of essential nutrients.

We have been told since childhood that calcium is one of the most important elements responsible for healthy bones, teeth and nails. When lacking it can cause brittleness, peeling of the plate, and even delamination, which is known to be very unsightly and negatively affects our overall appearance. To prevent problems with nails, regularly consume dairy products with an emphasis on yellow cheeses and buttermilk and kefir, which are rich in live bacterial cultures. However, we are not able to provide the body with the necessary amounts of calcium through food, which is why specialists in the field of healthy nutrition recommend supplementing it with pills. This will protect our body from undesirable shortages which, as we know, result not only in the unpleasant appearance of the nail plate, but also cause harmful changes in the body, which can contribute to various diseases.

To keep the nails healthy, it is also necessary to take iron. It hardens the tile structure, prevents excessive breaking and delamination. You can’t also omit valuable vitamins B, in particular: vitamins B1, B2 and B6, which, in addition to having a strengthening effect on nails, are also responsible for maintaining a healthy, radiant skin.

In terms of the above-mentioned white spots, we cannot forget about the precious zinc, deficiency of which manifests itself this way. As we know, zinc is one of the most commonly used nail supplements. It is worth to supplement it with elements such as magnesium and silicon.

What in addition to supplements?

Dietary supplements, a rich source of vitamins and minerals, significantly affect proper condition of nails. However, in order to fully improve their condition, proper care of both the nails and the skin of the hands is also necessary. The basis is of course moisturizing, but we often forget to regularly take care of the small skins, focusing on whole hands. Ideally, their care should be carried out with an oily preparation, such as avocado oil, raspberry seeds, argan oil, grape seed oil, or even olive oil commonly used in cooking, which has a wealth of beneficial fatty acids, flavonoids and vitamins.