Smile, Flirt, Kiss and Have Sex to Burn Calories

Smile, cuddling, kissing and sex is great for your relationship, but did you know that all these can shed your extra pounds? Now forget about strict diets or gym, plant a kiss on the lips of your sweetie or keep on smiling to burn calories. You knew that sex is an excellent workout, but who knew that a half an hour romp in the hay with your sweetheart could burn off the chocolate you chomped on after dinner?

Happy Sex Life

Get into smooching, smiling and sex and it will not only improve your bond as a couple, but will also help you to burn fat. Research after research suggests that Kissing burns 90 calories in one hour and sex burns 207 calories in half an hour. A sizzling intimacy with your guy is the most intense calorie-burning tool. How many times do fun comes along with fitness? A little sensuous kiss can be a great workout for you and your husband. When you are making love with your spouse, you are actually  discarding unwanted calories and enjoying the benefits.

According to a study, every time you smile and laugh….it’s minus 2 calories. Having sex can kick your body into calorie-burning mode and also can get your heart rate up. If the kissing is very energetic and involves some caressing, it could be even closer to 100 calories burned in an hour. Make kissing and flirting a part of your foreplay and get your cellulite heavy body in shape. Smooching not only helps to jazz up your sex life, but also helps in burning extra calories.

All you have to do to become slim is…….get naughty with your spouse! Isn’t it a sexy way to burn calories? Yes it is! So, why not try snogging with your spouse and burn calories?

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