Remedy for beauty

Every woman, wearing golden jewelry, feels special. Gold is a determinant of prestige, class and elegance. However, this raw material is not only used for jewelry purposes, but also as an ingredient that has a beneficial effect on the skin. This is why, more recently, we often find it in drugstore cosmetics for face and body, and even in foundations, mascaras and perfumes. What properties does it have?

It soothes the tired skin

As the results show, gold is great as the main component of tired skin care. It has properties that reduce the symptoms of stress, sleeping, overwork, and even slow down the process of wrinkling.

Moisturizes and protects the skin

Gold nanoparticles are transported to the base layer of the epidermis where they are responsible for the moisturizing processes. Supplements with this valuable raw material also affect the creation of a protective filter, preventing the harmful effects of external factors. Gold also has strong antibacterial properties, which means that it protects against skin infections.

Perfect for any skin

Numerous studies indicate that gold isn’t an allergen, so it can be used by owners of dry, sensitive and allergic skin. It is also a strong antibacterial, which is undoubtedly effective in anti-acne treatment and in the case of combating comedones.

Rejuvenates the skin

Gold stimulates fibroblasts so they produce collagen and elastin essential for the skin. They are two basic structures contributing to proper firmness and tightness of the skin.

It adds shine

Every woman dreams of a radiant, glowing skin. If you want to fight the gray color of the skin, gold comes in handy. It is responsible for lighting it, giving it a healthy color and a younger look.

Removes blemishes and swelling

Gold not only improves the shine and protects the skin against harmful factors, but it is worth knowing that cosmetics with gold content also help eliminate spots and discolorations, and even remove dark circles under the eyes and swellings.

It smoothes the skin

In addition to hydration, gold also affects the smoothness of the skin. For this reason, it is nowadays added as the main component of make-up bases. Its purpose is to make the skin of the face more flexible.

Regenerates the skin

There is a reason why gold appears in the composition of many creams and serums for face care. It has strong regenerative properties, and specialists recommend using this component primarily in the summer, when our skin is drying out, and its barrier is often destroyed by the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Gold – health properties

Listing the innumerable advantages of gold, it is worth mentioning that this raw material not only improves our appearance, but also supports our entire organism and protects against many dangerous diseases. Among other things, it reduces the risk of cardiac arrhythmia, improves blood circulation, supports the nervous system, reduces body temperature, promotes digestion, and increases the overall vitality of the body.

Gold is also used in the treatment of many infectious diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, angina, psoriasis. It was also shown that gold particles support the treatment of cancer. Researchers from the University of Missouri have shown that combining radioactive gold nanoparticles with green tea extracts will support the treatment of prostate cancer. The mixture prepared in this way was subjected to tests, the results of which confirmed that it fights tumor cells.