This year The Women’s Press celebrates 25 spirited years of independent publishing. We continue to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction by some of the world’s best women writers. Our list spans literary fiction, crime and thrillers, biography and autobiography, health, women’s studies, literary criticism, mind-body-spirit and the arts. Not to mention our Livewire series for young women. Check out our bestsellers for an overview.

New for January is Polly Ghazi’s follow-up to her bestselling Downshifting: The 24-Hour Family which provides practical solutions for all parents struggling to cope with having a career, earning a living and raising children.

Other highlights for Spring 2003 include Joni Seager’s Atlas of Women. This new revised edition – out in February – presents a vivid picture of the status of women at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Drawing data across countries and cultures, The State of Women in the World Atlas tracks women’s pay, status and civil rights as well as the educational, legal and political changes of the last decade. It maps new subjects including the human rights of women, trafficking and the trade in women and girls, women in crisis zones and globalisation’s effect on women as well as the standards it is known for, such as motherhood, changing households, lesbian rights and women in the military. A graphic portrait of women today, it show the gains that have been made as well as the many inequalities that persist. Above all, the atlas clearly demonstrates that the better the state of women, the better the state of the world.

And in March, we are proud to be publishing Alice Walker’s new book of poetry: Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth, tender, poignant, yet uplifting collection of poems which reflect on recent world events. She writes about love, about friendship; she writes about racism, about war and about nationhood. Written in her inimitable style, with humor and compassion, her poems offer hope as we live through the new millennium.