Fish Pedicure

Are you ready for the latest and hottest in spa pampering? Set to plunge your tootsies in a tank of water and let small carp nibble away? You can treat your toes with more than 200 beauticians at the same time. The only thing is they’re fish. Fish pedicure is putting your feet into a tank of tiny black fish and they eat the dead skin off your feet – yes, truly – to give you baby-soft feet.

Few days back, my feet were in serious need of softening. I decided to try fish pedicure. I was bit nervous to try this as few States in US have declared it illegal, but still I decided to go for it.

I took a deep breath as I immersed my feet into the tank. To be honest, at the start I didn’t like it as there was a fizzing and ticklish sensation around my feet. Slowly, the small fishes started nibbling my toes and I started feeling relaxed and better.


And let me tell you that the nibbling and sucking doesn’t hurt at all. Around 45 minutes later I was asked to take my feet out of the water and have them washed, massaged and moisturized by the therapist. Much more enjoyable! My feet have definitely become much smoother and softer than before.

If you wish to have a beautiful feet, go for fish pedicure. With fish pedicure, you will experience a new level of clean and soft toes. In this pedicure process, small toothless fishes gently suck and nibble off dead skin revealing the healthy and soft dermis beneath.

So, when will you take the plunge?

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