Obesity – how to fight it?

As indicated by the World Health Organization, obesity is one of the most serious chronic diseases. In our country, the number of people struggling with this problem increases year by year and despite appearances, it is more and more affecting women and children. At the same time, thanks to many initiatives and valuable information appearing in the media, the awareness of Polish women is still growing, which is why they decide to fight this disease. In order to combat obesity efficiently and effectively, it is necessary to recognize its type, which unfortunately is often overlooked by people who are ill.


Types of obesity

Of course, the most common form of obesity is food obesity. This is the easiest type to recognize, because it manifests itself in such a way that fat tissue accumulates from the waist down, which is caused, of course, by consumption of excessive amounts of foods rich in fats and sugars.

The second type of obesity is manifested by the placement of adipose tissue in the upper part of the abdomen. It is astonishing that in this case, the underlying problem is not necessarily an incorrect diet, but above all emotional factors (regular stress, anxiety and depression) that cause the need to relieve nervous tension through food, and consequently – gluttony.

Another form of obesity (called atherosclerotic) can be recognized by the accumulation of fat around the abdomen and chest, resulting in significant problems with breathing, which can lead to serious diseases. In this case, dropping unnecessary kilograms should be coupled with a complete abstinence, so that the whole process will go much faster and more efficiently.

It is also surprising that the emergence of obesity can be linked to the onset of celiac disease. Although gluten intolerance usually manifests leads to being underweight, there are cases where it can affect the accumulation of excessive fat on the buttocks and thighs.

Of course, the cause of obesity is not always greed and unrestrained eating. There are situations where it can have its ground in genetics. One of the most common factors that contribute to the emergence of obesity is venous circulation disorder, which is usually hereditary and manifests itself by swelling the legs.

Immediately after food obesity, the second most frequent one is due to lack of physical activity. Usually, it applies to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, spending 8 hours at a desk and not practicing any sport. An important issue is also an inadequate diet, i.e. eating frozen meals, full of trans fats and sugars, as well as irregular meals. This results in a significant slowdown in metabolism, fat accumulation on the entire abdominal surface, starting from the waist all the way up to the chest.


How to overcome obesity?

The first aspect that we should take into account when trying to fight obesity is, of course, a total change in current diet. Eating unsuitable foods has a significant impact on weight gain. First of all, you should get rid of food with high amount of sugars and fats and to limit the consumption of fried foods. Instead look towards steamed, baked or grilled food. It is necessary to give up sweets and junk food, as well as alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks.

Unfortunately, most people struggling with obesity completely give up the attempt to lose unnecessary kilograms, out of fear of all the hard work necessary. It is worth knowing that the change in nutrition doesn’t lead to being hungry, irritable and unhappy every day. “Healthy food is not tasty” is total nonsense, with no justification. So what should we eat to both take pleasure and not fatten? White meat, with an emphasis on chicken and turkey, as well as fish, full of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It improves metabolism, helps lose kilos faster and sates you for a long time. It is obvious that your diet should also be full of fruits and vegetables, which constitute a wealth of vitamins and minerals valuable for health.

In addition to a complete change in the menu, we must introduce even the smallest physical effort into our lives. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle and for many years have not dealt with regular sports, cannot suddenly get up from the chair and do intense exercise. In such cases, it is recommended to start your fight with weight loss with baby steps, such as walking, Nordic walking, swimming, expanding it gradually to riding a bicycle, running and other forms of sport.


Supplements and obesity

In the case of weight loss, proper nutrition and physical activity will not bring the expected results without regular supplementation! It is a very important factor because natural supplements can help you get rid of excess fat more quickly and effectively.

No doubt every woman has at least once heard about the amazing effects of green tea. This drink is a rich source of antioxidants, which not only protect our body against harmful substances, but also have a positive effect on the fat burning process and accelerate metabolic processes. The popular “green tea” also prevents blood clots, heart disease and can even work against cancer. In order to increase the effectiveness of green tea, it is recommended to take it in the form of pills, taking three 250 mg capsules a day before a meal three times a day.

Calcium is also an essential component of a healthy diet, which, as we know, is responsible for the proper condition of bones, teeth and nails. However, it is worth noting that it may also contribute to weight loss, as shown by research carried out by the University of Tennessee. Results show that during diet, people who consume dairy products lose more than those who omitted dairy products in their diet. Calcium supplementation should be combined with magnesium intake.

Specialists also recommend the so-called fat burners. They (as the name suggests) contribute to faster reduction of body fat. They are based on natural ingredients such as green coffee, green tea, guarana, capsaicin, etc.

It is worth remembering that the use of supplements should only be an addition to a healthy diet and physical activity. These three factors, combined with each other will bring amazing results not only in changing the figure, but above all in improving health, preventing dangerous diseases and improving well-being.