Tips to Become World’s Best Mother Tips to Become World’s Best Mother

Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with a child. So, when you are blessed with a baby, you wish to be world’s best mother?

A home can turn into “sweet home” only with the help of a caring and loving mother. Becoming a mother is an ultimate joy for any woman and becoming world’s best mother is something that every mother tries to be.


Here are few tips that will help you to get on and move to a fine stream of parenting, becoming a good mother: –

1. Listen to your child-

Remember that your child expects you to listen to him/her. It is very important for you to listen to your child as it helps in building a strong relationship.

2. Punish, don’t humiliate-

Punish your child when he is at fault, but do not ever humiliate. If you humiliate, your child may suffer from depression. Punishing fairly will help him/her realize their mistakes and will gradually start learning from past mistakes. Your child will start admiring you.

3. Spend more time-

Try to spend as much time as you can with your child. Be frank with your child. Teach him/her not to hide anything from you. For this, you have to assure your child that you are his/her best friend. While you spend more time with him/her, inculcate good values. Remember that  whatever a child learns from mother in young age, is reflected once they grow.

4. Care and support-

You need to take care of all small things that your child likes. Cook his/her favorite dishes. Watch cartoons along with your child. Your support and appreciation can do wonders in your child’s life. Appreciate your child even for small achievements…’s the great way to show your love to your child! Shower utmost love, affection and care……and nothing can stop you from becoming world’s best mother.

5. Forgive-

Forgiving is important. Your forgiveness will be always admired by your child. Your child will cherish and love you the most!

6. Trust your child-

Have faith in your child…It really works! Your child will soon tag you ‘world’s best mom’. Try it!…

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Tips To Be An Ideal Wife

To become an ideal wife is something that most women wish to be, when they get married to the man of their dreams. Though you may get several suggestions from the women who have been in the game for a long time, the supreme mantra is to follow your heart.

Want to know how to be a good wife? Here’s how-

1. Love and Care

Love and Care

The first quality any man would look for in his wife is love and care. Every man loves to be pampered by his wife. And I am pretty sure that you will also love to pamper him. Express your love to him by saying ‘I Love You’ or ‘I miss you’ as often you can. Remember that love is the basis of any relationship. A good wife honors her husband with a happy smile on her face and a pleasant tone in her voice.

2. Respect Your Husband

There is an old adage ‘Give respect and take respect’, but very true. If you want to be respected, you must respect your husband. Hold back yourself from speaking in a rough manner and don’t humiliate or denigrate your husband anywhere. Even if you are in a bad mood, don’t let your anger ruin your relationship. Always think twice before speaking anything harsh as words once spoken cannot be taken back.

3. Support Your Man

As the saying goes ‘A wife can make or break a man’, so never ever hurt your husband’s ego. A supportive wife always earns respect from her husband. Assure your hubby that you are always there with him through thick and thin. Encourage his every small achievements. Support him strongly when he is going through a bad time.

4. Stop nagging

No man would like a nagging wife. Remember, your nagging can make things worst between the two of you. Your man is a full-blown man with his own good thoughts. He will start disliking you due to your nagging habit. Beware….and stop nagging!

5. Be romantic-

 Weave the magic of love in your relationship! Perhaps go bowling together! Take a time out from your hectic schedule and go out for a movie or candlelight dinner or a long drive. Let your romantic mood decide all those naughty things that will spice up your intimacy with your hubby! For a man, nothing can be more delightful than his wife being romantic. So, just be romantic!!!

Splurge into these tips and you’ll be on your way to become a good wife. Best of luck!…

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