Magazines aimed mainly at women are becoming more and more popular, both in traditional and electronic form. Although most of the information can be found on TV or on specialist blogs, women are still eager to read magazines from well-known and respected global publishing houses. Which of them are the most popular?


There is probably no person who wouldn’t at least recognize this name. It is considered the most important women’s magazine in the world, and is also in the leading position in the ranking of the most popular fashion magazines. It was created at the end of the 19th century in the United States, and is now available in 21 countries. It is obvious that American version sells the most, but versions issued in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain enjoy considerable popularity. In this periodical, we find articles related not only to the world of fashion, but also about political issues, art or the lives of celebrities.


“Elle” is also a recognizable magazine for women. Its name comes from the French word literally meaning “She”. This monthly magazine mainly publishes texts related to current trends in the world of fashion, beauty, care, as well as articles about the life of the most popular celebrities. Currently, it is one of the largest women’s magazines, with 39 issues in more than 60 countries.


“Harper’s Bazaar” has adopted the title of the first fashion magazine for women in the United States. It was created a little earlier than the above-mentioned “Vogue” and at the beginning it was published once a week, and its content was directed primarily to representatives of the upper and middle class. The articles published in this journal mainly cover topics related to fashion, beauty and culture of contemporary women.


The first issue of this magazine was published in 1886 by Schlicht & Field, and its name was “The Cosmopolitan”. Today, the magazine is published in more than 30 languages and over 100 countries. Its content is mainly related to the life of famous celebrities. Articles also take the form of advice on health, beauty and intimate life.


“ID” gained its reputation primarily thanks to authors’ passion for the world of fashion. The beginnings of the magazine can be dated to 1980 in London, where punk and street fashion prevailed in the streets of this great city. The content, therefore, took inspiration from ubiquitous street fashion. The hallmark of this magazine is the winking or covering of one eye by models on the cover.


Although the magazine takes the form of a fashion newspaper, the fashion world is its main focus. Published content is related to art, culture, music, filmography and the life of celebrities. It owes its popularity to political reports and long interviews with well-known personalities.


The monthly “Glamor”, despite the fact that it was primarily aimed at young girls, is currently read by women of all ages. The magazine was created in 1939 in the USA and initially it was called “Glamor of Hollywood”. It publishes content related not only to fashion and beauty, but also to travel and tourism, psychology and interviews with the stars.